Join the CORA Development Group

Join the CORA Development Group

CORA is seeking up to 30 faculty and librarians from SCELC Member Institutions to join the CORA Development Group! CORA is a groundbreaking new project that seeks to extend information literacy pedagogy beyond the one-shot and open a space to cultivate a virtual community of practice among librarians and faculty. The members of the CORA Development Group will play a pivitol role in mapping out the development and future directions of the CORA platform. The feedback contributed by the CORA Development Group will be used to evaluate the usefulness and scope of CORA; improve the functionality and design of the CORA site; and assess the long-term viability of the CORA platform. To read more about CORA's mission and goals, please visit our About page.

As a member of the CORA Development Group, you will become a contributor to the CORA platform and will be asked to provide your valuable feedback and thoughts about using CORA. CORA Development Group Members will actively engage with the site and complete site-specific activities such as adding assignments, leaving constructive comments, or adapting previously contributed assignments and reporting on the outcome of the adaptation. 

Members of the CORA Development Group will also receive periodic communication from us asking for feedback about the site. We may ask for your feedback in the form of surveys, interviews, email exchanges, and/or other forms of structured and unstructured observations and suggestions. 

We hope that you will join the CORA Development Group and help us shape CORA into a highly functional online platform that can extend information literacy pedagogy and collaboration among librarians and faculty. If you would like to become a member, please email us at contactprojectcora@gmail.com


Lindsey McLean and Susan Gardner Archambault

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