New and Improved Contributor Profile Pages

Submitted by susangardnerarc... on August 2, 2017 - 11:55am

Check out the new and improved contributor profile pages in CORA! User profiles now list not only the assignments submitted by that user but also assignments where they were a collaborator. You can also see what assignments they adapted!



Best of all, each user profile page now has a new Contributor Stats section that lists the following for each assignment you contributed:

  • total page views
  • number of adapters
  • number of comments
  • number of downloads for each supplemental file

 This lets you track and demonstrate your impact as a contributor to the CORA site!  

Finally, we added a reminder to users upon login to complete their user profile if key elements are missing. Profiles with more information will better facilitate a sense of community among CORA users.

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