Teaching Resources section has a brand new look!

Submitted by Susan Archambault on July 25, 2016 - 9:55am

CORA tweaked its homepage last week and revamped the Teaching Resources section. The section was rebranded “Teaching Toolkit” to reflect an expanded list of resource types. Resource types now include Pedagogy/Theory, Assessment, Blog, Activity, Technology Tip, Subject Guide, Citation Tool, and Info Lit Tutorial.

We have also added over 10 new Teaching Resources to the toolkit! Among the new additions are Curriki and Discovery Education for classroom activities, the Information Literacy Assessment & Advocacy Project (ILAAP) and RAILS for assessment, KnightCite and Citation Fox for citation management, UNESCO’s Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide, and librarian blogs Rule Number One and Lane Wilkinson's Sense and Reference.

Remember that you can always suggest a new Teaching Resources for CORA here.

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