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Through the course of researching a topic, students will learn about differences in types of information and how to use research to gather relevant terms to narrow a topic. 

This session was part of an undergraduate, critical thinking and global perspectives course. The course is offered by various disciplines on campus. This instance focused on global challenges (The Seven Revolutions developed by For the session the students applied two frameworks to data: authority is constructed and contextual and scholarship as conversation. Students learned about a data life cycle concept with emphasis on evaluation.

Assignments Adapted

I first introduced students to different types of information and how that influences how information on a topic can vary. Then I used similar steps to this assignment in narrowing a topic through research.

I used this as an active learning exercise with marketing students. Each student writes down their potential research question on a sheet of paper divided into quadrants. In quadrant two, the next student writes down potential search terms. For quadrant three, the next student searches the terms individually and extracts relevant terminology (broader, narrower, related). Quadrant four, the student forms search strings out of different combinations of terms and makes note of which strings work best.  

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