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In this session, first year medical students in their second semester of study are introduced to the concept of critical appraisal. During the first hour, students will receive an introductory lecture on critical appraisal and the CASP checklist tool. During the second hour, students will be provided with discussion questions and an article on labor induction versus expectant management in low-risk nulliparous women. Students will review the article and answer the discussion questions in their small groups with their small group facilitators.

Did fake news affect the presidential election? Do websites purposely publish misleading stories? In this workshop, learn how to evaluate the trustworthiness of news stories while responsibly sharing reliable information.

Are you finding reliable sources for your research papers and projects? Has your professor asked you to use scholarly sources? What is a scholarly source anyway? In this workshop, learn how to critically evaluate the information you find through books, articles, and websites.

**This lesson plan was adapted from "Establishing and Applying Evaluation Criteria" p. 74 -78 in Teaching Information Literacy Threshold Concepts Lesson Plans for Librarians, edited by Bravender, McClure, and Schaub (2015).**

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