20 New Resources for a New Semester!

Submitted by Susan Archambault on January 7, 2017 - 4:35pm

We recently added 20 new resources to the Teaching Toolkit section of CORA! In need of new information literacy activity ideas this semester? Check out Project Look Sharp! This is an initiative of Ithaca College containing lesson plans to integrate media literacy with critical thinking. Also take a look at the Ben Portal, managed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, containing over 700 lesson plans for Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Health. The Teaching Tools section of the journal Cultural Anthropology provides activity ideas, as does the Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology and the Psychology Teacher Network.

Teaching a library session but hard-pressed to come up with a search topic example that would be relevant for the class? We added “Syllabus” as a new resource type in the Teaching Toolkit section last month. Now you can look at syllabi collections from the American Anthropological Association, the Miller Center for Public Affairs, the American Political Science Association, or even MIT OpenCourseWare.

Finally, uphold your New Year’s resolution to do more professional reading by perusing one of these books:

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