Four Cases aligned to Course Student Outcomes

Submitted by Tom Rankin on November 17th, 2018
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Short Description: 

This project has four Business case elements. Each element is related to one of the student course outcomes. Each case will require students to complete the following:
Read all elements of each case, including exhibits.
Write a one page summary for each case answering the questions in each case, for a total of a 4 page report.
The report should be submitted as one consolidated report addressing all four cases below.

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Learning Outcomes: 

Course Student Outcomes:
1. Identify various forms of business organizations.
2. Define business vocabulary.
3. Describe the basics of business ethics.
4. Explain basic management principles.


Information Literacy concepts:

Individual or Group:

Course Context (e.g. how it was implemented or integrated): 

Introduction to Business Class (new for Spring 2019). Each case aligns to one of our four course learning objectives. The cases ideally would be staged during the course to align to when that learning objective was covered. Each case requires a one page summary which the instructor can have 4 individual submissions or combine into one 4 page report towards the end of the semester.

Assessment or Criteria for Success
(e.g. rubric, guidelines, exemplary sample paper, etc.): 
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Potential Pitfalls and Teaching Tips: 

Since this is new for 2019SP, we are still learning the pitfalls.

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Rankin, Tom. "Four Cases aligned to Course Student Outcomes." CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments), 2018.