Fake News: Fight Back

Submitted by Jen Hasse on July 9th, 2018
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Short Description: 

A one-shot or seminar class on fake news tied to source evaluation. Examination of the factors at play in the creation of misinformation; insight into how to select sources; tools and strategies for evalutating content of stories, authors, and news outlets.

Learning Outcomes: 

● Students will discuss and reflect on their own encounters/experiences with “fake news” and erroneous information ● Students will investigate and consider different theories or explanations for why people fall prey to “fake news” ● Students will identify motivations for the creation of misleading or inaccurate information ● Students will be introduced to tools for identifying and counteracting fake news and develop their own strategies for weeding out problematic sources and selecting credible sources

Individual or Group: 
Course Context (e.g. how it was implemented or integrated): 

This course is typically taught as part of a one-credit information literacy first year seminar. Class is 50 minutes once per week.

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Hasse, Jen . "Fake News: Fight Back ." CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments), 2018. https://projectcora.org/assignment/fake-news-fight-back.